Our Values

work ethic

Work ethic

We will always be honest in the proposals and solutions we can offer you.

Honest about deadlines, costs, and potential choices. As independent professionals, our integrity will always be in service of your best interests.



We pay special attention to ensuring a high level of quality in our work, whether it pertains to the quality of service providers, shooting conditions, monitoring, or adhering to deadlines and budgets.

With a network built over years and continuously updated, we will always strive to find the best partners for your project.

respect for service providers

Respect for service providers

We believe in working in a courteous and respectful manner.

The human factor is crucial for motivation, commitment, and the success of projects. Therefore, for La Petite Office, personal conduct matters as much as professional expertise.



We can support you through various stages of your content production, but you can also utilize our services on an ‘à la carte’ basis.



Driven by the joy of doing what we love, we strive to pour our full conviction and energy into our assignments.

What defines us: Fair Play

Our areas of expertise?

Budget and Schedule Development
Budget and Schedule Development

Feasibility study

If you have a project and want to estimate its costs, our objective and impartial analysis enables you to accurately and comprehensively assess the time and budget requirements.

Choosing service providers – production follow-up
Choosing service providers – production follow-up

TV Production - Production

From their inception to their online launch, in collaboration with the best production resources, we oversee video, audio, or print projects to ensure their successful execution. Creative consulting, director and production company selection, competition tracking, cost control, production supervision – we accompany you throughout the project. If the budget or creative demands dictate, we can also provide direct and integrated project production at your location.

Image and Sound Supervision up to the Final Film. Rights Management. Rights management
Image and Sound Supervision up to the Final Film. Rights Management. Rights management

Post-production - Back-office

For all our projects, we handle the negotiation and management of copyright and neighboring rights (music, actors, voice-overs…) and supervise the various phases of post-production.

Delivery to media
Delivery to media


We handle the delivery of content to media platforms, ensuring compliance with technical constraints.

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